The Dutch way to say Thumbs up – Colleagues edition

The Dutch way to say Thumbs up – Colleagues edition


25 positive compliment cards for your colleagues, teams and other people you work with!

Pluimpjes, the Dutch ‘Colleagues edition’ way to say thumbs-up zijn 25 kaartjes met positieve teksten op klein formaat (7×10 cm) in een handig kraft doosje.

The complimentcards are ideal for your customer relations, colleagues, team and workingplaces. A wonderful present to give and recieve.

In deze set zitten de volgende teksten – these texts are on the cards:
It’s great working with you
Good job
I like your smile
You can do it!
I believe in you
I’m greatful for your help
You’re one of a kind
You’re awesome
You rock!

Thanks for everything you’ve done
Happy to see you
You’re great
You’re fun to be with
You inspire me
You are my hero
Thank you
You deserve it
I like your positive attitude
I’m proud of you
I think you’re very talented
You’re a great colleague!
Good teamwork!
You are worth it
I appreciate you!
Keep up the good work